Neither hot nor new

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When I received your email featuring "4 Hot New Color Combos We Love", I was intrigued enough to open it. Not that I'm looking for any hot new color combos-- it's just that the wedding industry is always coming up with these new color schemes, and it's fascinating to see what the trendy new combination is-- many are hideous, some are nice, most just use new names for standard colors.

Now, here's my gripe: "cherry and lime" is not a "hot new color combo" (but it is a delicious flavor sensation). Maybe you love it, but here's the thing... cherry and lime is actually red and green, a color combo owned by Christmas for hundreds of years.

I'm just saying, let's be honest when we use the terms 'hot' and 'new', ok?

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redgreen.jpg It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... Image via

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Lara Miller said:

This is freakin awesome!! I'm laughing so hard right now and am so excited to have found your blog! I cannot wait to procrastinate reading it! Thanks "A Practical Wedding" for helping me find "Prom to Altar"!

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